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Please note this only confirms our working relationship and we will send additional request for detailed house information before listing the home online.

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Management Fee:
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Management Fees

Standard. 20% Management fee.

LUXE. 18% Management fee

LUXE. 30% Management fee. The onboard fee of $800 includes a $500 deposit pending all management terms are satisfied including 12 month commitment period.

Onboarding Fees

Why do we ask for a fee upfront? For clients who have never had their home listed online (or, who already are listed), we will work to bring your listing live and within our platform and pricing software.  We will devote time to preparing you (including a meet up of the property by our staff, unlimited phone time consulting regarding the online and onsite listing and management process including addressing all questions, inquiries, concerns you might have, preparing your home (photography (arranging and/or performing), light design and decor staging, consumables, cleaning, e.g.) and preparing you on a higher level regarding (transient occupancy taxes, insurance, licenses, permits as needed) prior to any reservations beginning.  We also have found that clients that are even nominally invested in this enterprise with us are more successful and committed to providing the best guest experience possible.