Here at Air Concierge, we know that sometimes things change. So, whether you’re looking to cancel, move, cut costs, or simply pause your service, Air Concierge has the solution for you…

Are you sure you want to cancel? We hate to see you go! Maybe consider these other options:

  • Find out if you can adjust the pricing for your home or new strategies including long term rent with Air Concierge.

  • Ask us about new marketing and advertising options to get your home seen by more people.

  • Discover how to increase owner payout amounts or payout timelines to better fit your needs.


Before cancelling there are a few things you’ll want to know and confirm based on our agreement at the time you became a client:

  1. Section 6.1 This Agreement may be terminated by Host or Owner at any time after a 90 day, probationary period (the “Probationary Period”) with or without cause provided at least 30 days prior written notice is delivered by the terminating party to the other party.  Any Reservations in existence and not yet commenced shall be managed by Manager. Manager shall remove the Online Listing and take no further Reservations. Shall Host or Owner elect to cause those Reservations to be cancelled, then Reservation Cancellation shall apply to each and every affected Reservation.

  2. 6.1.1b In the event Manager or Owner effectuates a termination of this Agreement, then Manager shall have all rights of access to the Property up to 72hrs. following the notice of termination or the last reservation, whichever is later in time in which to verify the status and condition of the home, collect any property belonging to Manager and returning keys to a central location in the home. Any restriction of this right by Owner, written or otherwise, shall act as a full and complete indemnification and hold harmless of Manager and its agents, employs, designees and others under its control for any causes of action or rights to reimbursement by Owner. 

  3. 6.1.2 In the event Manager elects to list Owner’s property on a Subscription based website (,, e.g.) and such Subscription Plan is paid by Manager (the “Subscription Amount”), or its assigns, employs, delegates, then shall this Agreement be terminated prior to a one-year term, Manager shall be reimbursed its full cost of the Subscription Amount.  Additional early-termination fees may apply.

  4. 6.3 Early Termination. Shall Owner elect to terminate Manager within the first 90 days, from the Effective Date, for reasons other than gross negligence or wanton, willful regards for Owner’s property or Guests by Manager, then Owner shall pay to Manager a termination fee of $3,500 to cover such costs including but not limited to as positioning the property, arranging professional photography, optimizing the Listing, providing sound and experienced advice and counsel as to the disposition of the Property and generally performing those initial and start up tasks to best position Owner’s Property.  Any actual Reservations in progress or confirmed but not yet commenced, may be cancelled at Manager’s election and the gross booking total as paid by Guest shall be compensated by Owner to Manager. Manager reserves the rights to make attempts to place Guests at another Property and Owner shall not be entitled to any proceeds of that arrangement.  Likewise, Manager may elect to NOT cancel reservations already in existence in which instance Owner agrees to allow those reservations to continue and Manager shall be compensated in full.  Should Manager be forced to cancel reservations already in existence due to Owner's early termination, then the Reservation Cancellation provision(s) shall apply herein.

  5. Section 2.2. Reservation Cancellation. Shall Owner cause Air Concierge to have to cancel any Reservation or multiple Reservations for any reason except as noted in below (“Extenuating Circumstances”), then owner shall pay to Air Concierge the larger amount of the total reservation(s) cost being cancelled or $2,500US per each canceled reservation.  This fee shall compensate Air Concierge for the negative impact a cancellation has on its online ranking, for all efforts taken in booking the reservation, for all efforts undertaken to prepare the home and the Guest prior to the cancellation, for all efforts taken in notifying and preparing the Guest after the cancellation, and to compensate Air Concierge for its time and resources in unwinding and rectifying any damage to its online and offline reputation for creating a cancelled reservation.

What does all that legalese mean? In short the best way to cancel for all parties is and avoid the charges above:

  1. ensure we have at least worked 90 days together and

  2. ensure there are no future reservations for your home, however

  3. if there are future reservations then we can:

    1. stop taking any new bookings but honor those already in existence future bookings or

    2. continue taking reservations between now and the last reservation already confirmed, but agree to take no new reservations

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Cancellation Date *
Cancellation Date
This is the date you wish Air Concierge to cease all services. If "TODAY", then please note Section 6.1 above which requires a 30 day notice.
Reservations *
I have read the above contractual clauses and am aware I am bound by them *
I understand and agree that if there are reservations at my property following the cancellation date above, I am responsible for hosting those reservations unless Air Concierge deems it no longer viable to do so. *
I understand and agree that if there are reservations at my property following the cancellation date above and I wish to have Air Concierge cancel those reservations for which I will pay to Air Concierge the agreed upon termination fee of $2500 per each Reservation as per Section 2.2 of the Agreement. *
I understand and agree that if my cancellation date above falls within 90 days from when the Effective Date of when I began services with Air Concierge, that I will pay to Air Concierge the early termination fee of $3500 as per Section 6.3 of the Agreement. *
I have read the above and agree to all terms and conditions herein and wish to proceed with the cancellation effective the Cancellation Date above. *