Consulting: Guidance, Positioning & ROI

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Consulting: Guidance, Positioning & ROI


A service for those evaluating a new investment opportunity or exploring turning their current home into a business (short term & vacation rental use). This service provides counsel and guidance on various elements such as pricing expectations, ROI expectations, calendaring, transient tax, insurance, damage protection, advertising and/or marketing.

Limited to Properties in San Diego | Los Angeles | Orange County | Lake Tahoe | Palm Springs | San Francisco


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Details: We provide an in-depth analysis, including nuts & bolts material which is a customized report to your current or pending property and surrounding area.  Details of our report focus on and details the pricing, occupancy, damage, protection, safety, TOT tax, and insurance issues.  We may also include the sharing of proprietary booking and reservation data for comparable home(s) in your area, professional guidance and advisement and a 30 minute follow up question & answer period.  

Next Steps: 

1) Purchase the service

2) We will reach out and arrange an interview and information gathering stage

3) We will prepare the report and send to you upon completion. (Allow 7-14 days for turnaround).

4) Upon receipt of the analysis and after you've reviewed, we will arrange for follow up Q&A and discussion.


*This service is limited to one property per report.