Zero Tolerance Policy

OUR policy

A zero-tolerance policy in schools is a strict enforcement of regulations and bans against undesirable behaviors or possession of items. A zero-tolerance policy with Air Concierge is a strict enforcement of how we hope and expect to be treated by our clients.

With hundreds of clients in our portfolio we have had a few in the past that have been demeaning, rude, threatening, and generally been someone(s) that are neither good for the heart, or the soul. We have a zero tolerance policy in place for those types of clients.   

This is a difficult business with many moving parts, juggling homes, guests, owners, cleaners, vendors and 1000+ other moving parts. It is why you have presumably hired us and we're honored to take that on - but it does come with risk (please review our Setting Expectations on the next pages for more details). That risk is where we go the extra mile - and where frustrations could and should mount. Guests that cause damage? That is stressful for us, for you and for the home. But it can and will happen over time. We work on those things and ask that you work with us. 

Most commonly frustration for homeowner clients that are new to short term rentals have been:

a. utility bills that are higher than “normal” or when owners utilize their own home

b. not getting enough bookings when getting started and/or 

c. not earning the nightly rate or monthly revenue (due to seasonality, being new to market) 

All of this is overcomable with time, communication, and strategy.

The point is, we are a team of human beings, that work nearly around the clock on all facets of your boutique hotel business. We kindly ask you treat us with respect and professionalism.  

Air Concierge is your partner in this operation. We are mutually successful when we get reservations and manage those reservations.


The Entire Air Concierge Team