Opening our doors in 2012, we have established ourselves as the first-of-its-kind Airbnb and short term vacation rental property management service.  We are a team of hard working, energetic and pardon the brag, Airbnb savants.  We strive to make every Air Concierge reservation a successful venture for our clients (home owners), our guests (travelers) and staff.   


We now oversee homes in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco (and surrounding Bay Area cities), Lake Tahoe, and Palm Springs and our service includes overseeing all parts of the Airbnb and short term / vacation rental management process.



Meet Ryan



  Getting to know each of our clients on a personal and professional level as well as having their trust in managing their homes has been one of the many joys of this business and industry.

Getting to turn travelers into guests and welcoming them into our homes and giving them once in a lifetime experience is another wonderful benefit.

But the best benefit of all has been building this company from a mom & pop shop into one of the most well recognized and well reputed short term term rental companies anywhere. Having a television show featuring our staff, homes and methods to our madness is just one of many testaments to the hard working folks you see on this page.


Meet Claire


Leading the business development team at Air Concierge, Claire plays a critical role in growing and scaling Air Concierge's client base.  Claire is a talented individual who has strong analytical skill, and runs our performance marketing channels focused on acquisition. She brings a strong analytical background with a desire to make products and people grow.



Meet Daniel


Prior to joining the company, Air Concierge was growing incrementally.  The vision for the future was yet to take shape but Daniel saw the light at the end of the tunnel; offering the Air Concierge service to more homes, in more cities. But to do so, operations needed to be improved so that scale could be achieved.  Daniel came aboard and immediately identified inefficient processes and procedures.  Responsible for nearly all moving parts of a very complicated system, Daniel touches every part of the business and is a core reason why Air Concierge has leveled up year after year.  He likewise is a core member of the "Dream Team" and when not running the day to day operations can be found Crossfitting or eating sweets. Or both. 




Relying on her experience in the startup space with an online travel agency based out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Gabriela brings a wealth of online, offline, search, PPC, marketing & advertising skills that has benefited Air Concierge tremendously. Leading all campaigns, overseeing all outbound and inbound efforts and putting in place nearly all systems that Air Concierge relies on for serving it's clients, it's guests and it's properties, perhaps there is no more valuable person that Gabby.  Gabby works directly with Co-Founders and Operations on a daily basis in a horizontal system that affords freedom in decision making and execution.  Part of the "Dream Team", Gabby has pushed Air Concierge forward  and beyond its comfort zone dating back to 2015. 



Lead member of our engineering team, helping us build out the web applications that drive our business. We have applications for clients to utilize our concierges, for our concierges to manage the property, and for our internal users to administer the service.



MEET rhiannon


Rhiannon currently live in San Diego, CA. She is originally from Nashua, NH but her and her husband moved to the west coast almost 7 years ago. She played women's lacrosse at Plymouth State University, she has a French bulldog mix named Stewart, she loves online shopping, roots for the New England Patriots-always, and she loves red wine! Rhiannon has a passion for making people happy and loves being a part of the team at Air Concierge!  




Teresa, our Senior Accountant is a key part of the finance team and works closely with the Accounting Managers and Executives to manage accounting operations and ensure accurate financial reporting in accordance with GAAP.  Teresa is someone who leads the daily accounting operations and monthly close process while constantly looking for ways to streamline and create efficiencies.  She is a highly motivated, technically proficient person with a strong sense of ownership and business ethics who delivers quality work on a daily basis.

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Oscar, Los Angeles

Oscar, Los Angeles

Jenny, San Diego

Jenny, San Diego

Stephanie, San Francisco / Marin County

Stephanie, San Francisco / Marin County

Claire, Lake Tahoe / Truckee

Claire, Lake Tahoe / Truckee

Tammy, Palm Springs / Coachella Valley

Tammy, Palm Springs / Coachella Valley

Anna, Orange County

Anna, Orange County

Our Culture

We’re looking for candidates who are mission-focused, data-driven, and above all else, looking for a deeper meaning in their work. We also pride ourselves in hiring talented individuals from all walks of life and non-tech backgrounds.

Air Concierge will always remain a startup at heart with an aim to continue to have small groups of tight-knit teams working cross-functionally, learning from each other, and not being afraid to take on grand challenges.