The real estate purchase, sale and escrow period can be a long & winding road.

Why not create a cash flow stream for yourself and your client during that interim period? 

Air Concierge is a California based vacation and short term management company specializing in stays lasting 3-28 days.

For real estate agents and their clients whose time horizon for sale is extended, we can offer liquidity immediately. 

are you a real estate agent stuck managing a vacation rental for a client? 

You don't have to be sale-pending to take advantage of the Air Concierge services. 

We know many real estate agents are saying yes to vacation rental property management requests for the sole purpose of maintaining the agent/client relationship. Agents who agree to take on this ancillary service do so in order to stay in a position down the line to facilitate another transaction for this client.  We get that. 

We also get that you're in the business of buying and selling real estate, not property management on the side.

We're here to work together so you can continue to focus on developing your business, closing more deals, and spending your time on your core competencies.  We can handle those vacation rentals on your behalf -- even as your white label staff. 

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