How We Got Started

In 2012 I had set up my Incline Village, Nevada (Lake Tahoe) cabin for vacation renters. I was living in San Diego at the time and trying to oversee the cleaning crew, handle the inquiries through the various websites I was listed on, the booking and check-in process, communicate with the guests prior to arrival as well as during their stay, remembering to send over check out instructions prior to guest departure, and of course being available 24/7 to troubleshoot any issues the guests were having.  All from over 500 miles away.  Overseeing a rental property, whether you're in the same town or conversely in a different state is always a challenge.  Sometimes the challenge is just waiting to see what the next challenge is going to be.  

For me, part of the challenge was relying on people that I didn't know going into my home. Like the time when I had to find an electrician on Yelp to fix a broken thermostat.  Other challenges were the times I was relying on people that didn't know my guests (and vice versa) or weren't trained to interact with renters (like Juanita, my primary language Spanish speaking housekeeper).  Juanita, who is a valued member of our team today, has had to facilitate such things as getting a spare key to renters at 10pm on a Friday night, take the trash and recycling to the local dump and being and staying at the property to let a chimney cleaner in when I couldn't be there.   I didn't mind at first wearing the many different hats of manager, quarterback, booking agent and 24/7 customer service representative, but when I found myself checking my phone and email obsessively, at all hours to ensure I wasn't missing calls, texts or emails, I realized there had to be a better solution.  

Of course I could've hired a traditional property manager in the area, but most of those companies will only work for you if they are in charge of bookings and if you have multiple listings.  Event then, their fees along with taxes, property damage protection insurance cost, credit card processing fees and cleaning fees doesn't leave a lot leftover.  But more importantly I needed someone that was a specialist in the vacation rental property marketplace, someone that understood quick turnaround times, hospitality, thoroughness and most important, was trustworthy. 

And then one morning over coffee with my girlfriend, amidst complaints and frustration from another rental situation gone awry, Air Concierge was born.

I hope you enjoy our service as much as we enjoy providing it. 

Ryan S. Danz, Founder
Air Concierge, Inc.

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