Seasonal Property Inspection


Seasonal Property Inspection

from 275.00

Peace of Mind is the primary benefit of our Vacation or Vacant Property Inspection Service. Whether your home is frequently occupied or has been sitting unoccupied due to seasonality, we provide you with the information you need to protect your investment.  We will check your property on a quarterly basis and run a thorough inspection on both interior, exterior, mechanical and some customizable checks.

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Our fee includes a thorough inspection on the following items:

  • Visual damage check of entire property and landscaping;

  • Check security on all windows and doors;

  • Check water valves and plumbing for leaks and drips;

  • Check heating and cooling for appropriate seasonal settings;

  • Interior ceiling, wall and floor inspection for water damage;

  • Roof, decks and patio inspections monitoring;

  • Smoke, carbon, alarm, thermostat checks

  • Check refrigerators and freezers for proper temperature;

  • Check electrical system, reset breakers and timers;

  • Monitoring and assisting with trash service.

  • Sprinkler, lights and tree/hedges

  • Entrance areas

  • Kitchen appliance, counter tops, water, electrical/outlets

  • Living/Dining/Common areas; electrical, mechanical, furniture, A/V

  • Bathrooms: electrical, mechanical, tile, vent and A/C, water

  • Bedrooms: electrical, mechanical, furnishings, vents and A/C, paint, locks, closets

  • Backyard: lights, pool/spa, trees/plants/hedges, general condition, safety, BBQ, fire feature, amenities, seating

  • Hot water heater, HVAC

  • Owner customizable

We will immediately notify you of any problems and give updates of our findings after each visit. Should you elect to move forward with any repairs or replacements we can provide a follow up proposal.


Monthly = performed 1x / month, for 12 months.

Quarterly = performed 1x / 3 months, for 12 months.

Semi Annual = performed 1x / 6 months, for 12 months.

Annual = performed 1x / 12 months, for 12 months.