Onboarding Add Ons


Onboarding Add Ons

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Household Supplies:
Deep / Initial Cleaning:
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About Our Initial Cleaning ($300 deposit):

Our initial cleaning is a professional 'pre-guest' arrival cleaning that is scheduled prior to the first guest check in.  We will not perform this cleaning until a reservation has been confirmed and a check in date set.  Thereafter, each guest will pay their cost of cleaning to Air Concierge as part of their reservation fee. Air Concierge will now charge $300 for this initial cleaning, and should Air Concierge cleaners charge additional amounts or higher amounts (due to amount/level of cleaning, size of home, eg) we will include any overages in the withholding from the first Owner Payout Amount.  Likewise should any amount less than the $300 be necessary, the balance can be refunded. This cleaning is not designed for post-construction or excessive clutter, contamination or personals beyond a traditional vacation rental deep cleaning. 

About Our Professional Photography ($250), Semi Professional Photography ($150)

The success (and pricing and occupancy) of a home can vary greatly depending on the photography (amateur vs. professional) utilized. If you have high quality photos, great we will use those! If not, and if you'd prefer to achieve the highest revenue possible, we highly recommend engaging one of our professional photographers.

About Our Household Supplies ($200 value): 

Supply List: Our household stocking supplies is a bulk order of goods (from Costco, Target or the like). We recommend starting with a 3 mon. supply (which depending on lengths of stay should last between 5-8 reservations). Pricing may vary for certain homes and in such instances any costs over the initial price paid will be deducted from an initial reservation(s). The value of this purchase is $200. Should we acquire goods over that amount we will request reimbursement. If you do not opt for this restocking package, and we are required to obtain the below items then an additional fee of $50-$100 may apply.

Placing items; Air Concierge can satisfy the below list and place everything in a locked storage closet/cabinet (garage) and we will then put out individual items for each reservation.

Supplies (include but not limited to):

(2) Lockboxes

Backup & Duplicate keys

All items below in bulk (Costco)

Laundry Pods (1 pack: 120 pods)

Paper Towels (2 pack: 24 rolls)

Toilet Paper (1 pack: 24 rolls) 

Sponge (kitchen) (1 pack; 21 count)

Dishwash Pod (1 pack; 110 count)

Shampoo (1 bottle per bathroom; 1 placed in storage)

Conditioner (1 bottle per bathroom; 1 placed in storage)

Body Wash (1 per bathroom; 1 placed in storage)

Hand Soap (1 per kitchen & 1 per bathroom; 1 of each placed in storage)

Garbage Bags (1 box; 200 count)

*We kindly request that a lockable storage cabinet in the garage or home be made available exclusively for owner and Air Concierge staff.