Welcome to the Family! Here are the steps every new client MUST take before we can go live. Please, read it carefully and if you have any questions, let us know!

+ STEP 1: Know Your Client Form

Please fill out our KYC HERE. This helps us create the online profile (or work on one already created by you), set up your payout method, and importantly learn the home so we can prepare the guests and our support staff. (This is a critical must-do).

+ STEP 2: Credit Card Form

Since we are taking over your already existing listing or co hosting on your profile, we just request a credit card on file for reimbursements and costs we front on your behalf. Recall that per Airbnb payouts, we are only receiving the management fee and cleaning fee. Therefore if/when we have costs (restocking household supplies; any maintenance; then reimbursement can only come from a credit card on file).

Please download our Credit Card Form HERE, fill out and return it to us.

+ STEP 3: How to add Air Concierge as your Co-host

As discussed, we will need you to create an Airbnb profile and assign us as your Co Host. If you already have a profile, then you'll only have to assign Air Concierge as your Co Host. Here's how you can do this:


(If you already have an Airbnb profile, go to HOW TO ADD AIR CONCIERGE AS YOUR CO-HOST below.)

  1. Go to Airbnb HERE
  2. You can sign up using your email address, Facebook account, Google account, or Amex. Signing up and creating an Airbnb account is free. Once you've created a profile and added your property (do not worry about details for the home at this point, we will handle for you).
  3. You MUST add your property (at least one generic photo (can be a photo of the White House and we will update with actual pics when obtained) to the profile and publish the listing in order to go to the next step.


  1. Log into your airbnb account
  2. On the dashboard (far right) you will see "CO HOST" (click on that)
  3. Click on INVITE A FRIEND button
  4. Add us by entering our email address:
  5. Percentage Share: 20%
  6. Cleaning Fees: Pay cleaning fees to this co-host (check the box)
  7. Select: Make Air Concierge the PRIMARY HOST - to do so, Go to Host > Listings on Select Manage Listing on the listing you want to edit. On the dashboard (far right) you will see "CO HOST" (click on that). Scrool down and click on "Make Air Concierge the primary host".

Once this is confirmed (we will receive an email alert asking us to accept the co-host), we will accept and begin working on all back end administration and syncing.

Airbnb Notifications: You WILL NEED to disable all notifications that will come to your phone/email in order for us to receive guest inquiries and messages- to do so:

  1. Click on your Profile inside Airbnb (top right corner) so that drop down menu appears
  2. Choose "Account Settings"
  3. Ensure no boxes are checked for "Messages", "Reminders and Suggestions" please disable all message notifications. To do so, on the desktop application for, go to Account, uncheck Email, Push, Text notifications (under messages)

**in the event you take on messaging a guest inside your profile we will be disconnected and will not perform any further messaging as our systems will be interrupted.

Calendar control: YOU ARE IN FULL CONTROL. Keep in mind that you have full control of your calendar -so that any dates openings and likewise blocked dates will be under your control. As always, just log in and set the dates that you want to be made available for guests.

Setting Expectations: There are a handful of benefits to you for having the listing on your profile and then co hosting us: 1. keeping all reviews 2. immediate payout / direct from Airbnb 3. full transparency as to all reservation details. 4. full control of the calendar (you can set all open/blocked dates)

On the flip side there are challenges for us and in order to have the best management co host experience we kindly request the following:

  1. please do not override any pricing filters including turning on/off smart pricing
  2. please DO keep the calendar updated with regards to dates the home should and should not be available.
  3. please do not message with guests as this will 'break' our software and we may be cutoff from messaging causing delays / non responses in the future
  4. please disable all message notifications. To do so, on the desktop application for, go to Account, uncheck Email, Push, Text notifications, (under messages)
  5. please allow us to be the expert management service you hired and are paying handsomely and refrain from managing the manager. We may not be very good at many things (juggling, solving the Pythagorean theorem, making salsa, eg) but we are very good at Airbnb'ing. All decisions we make are in yours and the property's best interest, before our own.

Our most successful and longest tenured clients are the ones who are hands off and have virtually no involvement in the operations. They come and go from their homes from time to time and collect a check every month. We'd like to find that happy place with you too.

+ STEP 4: Preparing Your Home For Reservations

None of these are required to be purchased or arranged through us, but you will need to ensure that at least the initial house cleaning is done and likewise the property is stocked with the supplies outlined in the link above. Professional photography has proven to result in 2x-3x more revenue so its recommended but not required). FOR LUXE properties, this is complimentary and we will arrange automatically as soon as the home is rental ready.

INITIAL CLEANING (If you've already pre paid for this, disregard)

If you are needing a professional cleaning prior to the first guest (they will be charged the exit cleaning) you may pre-pay for this HERE and our staff can attend to this prior to the initial reservation starting. You may also elect to do this yourself (or have your own cleaner) and that is totally fine - we just caution that guests can sometimes have a heightened awareness to cleaning and missed areas or poor cleanings can lead to refunds, or even cancellations in some instances.

HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES (If you've already pre paid for this, disregard)

The home should be properly stocked with the traditional consumables outlined HERE (scroll down). If you would like us to perform this task (purchase, acquisition, and stocking of all supplies), we can do so. Again, the order can be done HERE. We just ask that there be a lockable storage (closet, cabinet) in the home that only is accessible to our staff & cleaners so that guests don't have / take advantage of all supplies. Instead we will place for each reservation the necessary amount of items and leave the remainder locked off.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY (If you've already pre paid for this, disregard)

The success (and pricing and occupancy) of a home can vary greatly depending on the photography (amateur vs. professional) utilized. If you have high quality photos, great we will use those! If not, and if you'd prefer to achieve the highest revenue possible, we highly recommend engaging our professional photographer HERE who has shot many of our featured properties viewable HERE.

+ STEP 5: Final Checklist Before Going Live

Download HERE our "Owners Go Live Checklist". This document works as a roadmap of sorts so that you know what it takes to make your home guest-ready. Things like ensuring linens, towels, supplies, initial cleaning has been scheduled and your utilities are on auto pay (and we have account access information), are some of the most important final steps.

+ STEP 6: Setting Expectations

Click here to guide your expectations


OWNER PORTAL (VIEW BOOKING HISTORY) You have direct access to your Airbnb calendar and can view all transaction information directly.

OWNER BLOCK (BLOCK DATES FOR FRIENDS/FAMILY USE) You have direct access to your Airbnb calendar and can block dates directly.