Successful vacation rental owners in Southern California go above and beyond for their guests. That starts with providing a spectacularly clean home. However, some vacation rental owners are finding dependable, affordable and competent cleaning services just don't exist.  So we created scrubbsi.    

Scrubbsi is a vacation rental home specific cleaning service that does 4 things that makes it unique:

1) We send a concierge in addition to the cleaners to the property. This means you have someone you can rely on to communicate with as well as know the property is well cared for and overseen.

2) Our concierges and cleaners do more than just clean, we arrange and stage the home.  Vacationers want a hotel experience in the privacy of a home. That means the home's accents and accessories should be neatly arranged (books facing same direction, pillows placed properly on beds, remote controls lined up, etc.)

3) We attend to outdoor areas.  Most cleaning companies will not go outside. We do.  We wipe down appliances and arrange furniture. We put away toys, wash towels, and ensure furniture is arranged properly.

4) We include laundry, kitchen appliances and interior windows in all of our cleanings.  

*= based on availability. limited to first time users. limited to San Diego and surrounding region.


Finally, because many of the cleanings we perform lead up to a vacation rental check in, now you can let Air Concierge be there for your guests. Our experienced vacation rental concierges meet your guests upon arrival, handle key exchanges and even walkthrough highlighting certain home features, they are available 24/7 during the guest stay, and even go back at checkout to collect the keys and report any damage. 

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