We’re thrilled that you are ready to work smarter and happier by joining either our Vacation Rental Concierge Team OR our Vacation Rental Cleaning team!

To ensure our Concierges and Cleaners provide an exceptional experience for their Clients, we have understandably high standards (and we're sure you do, too!).

As a member of the Air Concierge Inc. community of concierges, cleaners, vacation rental hosts and travelers, you will have access to performing a variety of services in your locale and possibly beyond. We ask that you agree to the following terms, which are critical for maintaining the quality and integrity of our community marketplace.  

If you are selected to join our team, you can enjoy a lifestyle centered around meeting new people, seeing and working in some of the most beautiful homes in Southern California and collecting a handsome hourly fee.

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Log into Facebook. Click on your name in the upper right part of the screen. Look in the address bar in your browser. It will display Facebook's URL followed by your name. Copy the URL from the address bar. Paste in field below.
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What Is your birthdate
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Does this sound awesome to you? If so, we’re excited for you to join our community of Concierges, Cleaners, Hosts and Guests! We will follow up with you shortly to arrange a review of our handbook and take a short 10 question quiz. Please note we will be requiring all applicants selected to move into the interview process to fill out and take a background check at www.ussearch.com/background-check, (choose the regular report for $24.95) fill out the necessary information and then send over "Get Your Report". We will reimburse you for this after a successfully completed 90 day probationary period.