About Airbnb Plus

All the comforts of home, plus more.

Airbnb Plus is a selection of homes verified for quality, comfort, and style. Learn more about how the program works when we upgrade your listing to Airbnb Plus.


Stand out and earn more:

  • 7x more listing views
  • 70% more nights booked

Upgrading your listing to Airbnb Plus includes:

  • A verified PLUS badge to build trust with guests
  • Elevated placement and better visibility in search results
  • An all-new design and layout for your listing page
  • Professional photography to highlight your home’s best features
  • An immersive photo home tour so guests can visualize your space
  • Premium customer support: Airbnb Plus hosts have access to a highly-trained customer support team who are committed to great service and faster responses.


To be a part of Airbnb Plus, hosts must meet Superhost-level hospitality standards, and homes must meet a checklist of requirements. Once you’re ready, an Airbnb partner will visit your home and go through the list with you.

Host requirements

  • Well-reviewed. Your overall rating is 4.8 or higher.
  • Committed. You haven’t cancelled any reservations in the past year (except for penalty-free cancellations). And, have accepted 95% of booking requests over the past year, including instantly booked reservations.

Home requirements:

  • Thoughtfully designed. Welcoming and one-of-a-kind, with furniture and design details that add character to your space.
  • Well-equipped. Provides all the essential amenities so guests can make the most of their stay like wifi and coffee. Outfitted with comfy mattresses, high-quality bedding, and plush towels
  • Well-maintained. Clean, functional, and kept in consistently great condition.


Click here to check the complete list of requirements.


Click here to view some Airbnb Plus Design Tips.


  1. Complete everything on the home checklist
  2. Pay the application fee
  3. Schedule a home visit
  4. Update listing details
  5. Wait for updates*

*The process can take several weeks, depending on your city and the condition of your listing(s). In some cases, Airbnb may offer a consultation regarding specific things you can do to update your listing.

+ Airbnb Plus Home Visit

During the home visit, a local Airbnb partner will complete an in-person inspection of your space to make sure we’ve completed everything on the home checklist. They’ll look for amenities that they know guests love, double-check that your space is clean and comfortable, and make sure your listing is accurate and up-to-date. You’ll also get a professional photoshoot to show off your home in the specific Plus style.


Hosts who have been invited to join Airbnb Plus receive professional listing photos taken during the home visit. Airbnb take new photos so that all Airbnb Plus listings have the same unique photography style that beautifully showcases each home. This specific photography style is exclusive to Airbnb Plus and helps distinguish Airbnb Plus listings from other listings that are not a part of the program. Airbnb Plus photographers are individually trained to shoot in this style.

To maintain the Airbnb Plus photography style across all listings, all Airbnb Plus listing are required to use only the photos taken during the professional photoshoot. We can always decide which of these photos to include on your listing page, and remove or group them however we/you like.

+ Listing description for Airbnb Plus

Through research, Airbnb learned that the listing copy influences how guests view the overall quality of a home. Based on their findings, Airbnb created editorial standards for Airbnb Plus listings with specific requirements for style, structure, and quality.

To ensure all Airbnb Plus listings meet the editorial standards, Airbnb partners with professional writers trained in the Airbnb Plus editorial style. These partners craft polished descriptions for each listing, designed to showcase the best features of the home, and help guests imagine themselves in your space. This service is one of the benefits of upgrading to Airbnb Plus.

We’re free to make edits but the listing description must meet Airbnb's editorial standards, so they may ask us to make additional edits.


Airbnb charges a one-time, non-refundable application fee of $149. This helps cover the in-person home visit and a custom report with your list of fixes. The application fee will be automatically deducted from your next scheduled payout or payouts until the full amount is collected.