How Does Air Concierge differ from traditional property management?

1. No contract. Just hire us for a single rental or ongoing if you'd like.  Traditional property management companies require a contract, sometimes for a minimum of a 1 yr. term. 

2. No management fees.  You just pay for the services you use. Traditional property managers can take anywhere from 10%-50% of the booking fee.

3. Guest services. While the homeowners are our clients, it is their home and their guests that are our focus. Many of our services are based around their safety, comfort and happiness. Traditional property managers care only about getting the property booked, collecting their fee and making sure the property has not suffered any noticeable damage. 

4. Home Availability. We do not have requirements that your home be available for year round rental. We think that you should be able to use your home whenever and however you'd like.  If it just so happen we provide our services 1x per year or 20x per year, we're just as happy.


How Does Air Concierge differ from other online listing managers?

NOTE: An online listing manager is a relatively new service, usually domiciled outside the US that trades on its access to your data.  These sites seek to optimize online listings and perform other services like schedule cleanings and sending automated guest replies to your inquiries.  In an effort to be totally transparent, we offer a similar service for our clients that are struggling with their online listings. 

1. Local. We are local to the areas we provide our services. Unlike online companies that promise to book cleaners, or respond to inquiries, we believe you have to have boots-on-the-ground in order to provide these services adequately.  Some online agencies are located off-shore and therefore language barriers can also exist.  Also, when you're so reliant on data and technology to power your services, you're forgetting and ignoring both the property and the people.  In our opinion, both need an in-person touch. 

2.  Services.  Our services can envelop every aspect of the rental process or a single service. Online agencies typically require you to book all of their services. This can hamper the rental process for those that already have a cleaning company they rely on, or want some interaction with their guests during their stay. We let you decide what you want us to do.

3. Fees.  Our services are pay-as-you-go. Online property managers charge a % of the booking fee, which in some instances can be 10%-30%.