Air Concierge International (a division of Air Concierge, Inc.) Offers a Multitude of Services for our Abroad Clientele and Southern California Property Owners. 


For International Travelers to Southern California (San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles):

We are placing international visitors (vacationers, students, corporate executives) to the Southern California region (starting with San Diego) in viable housing that meets your criteria based on the following filters:

  • Price
  • Length of Stay
  • Location Requirements  
  • Number of Bedroom & Bathroom 
  • Type of Residence
  • Amenities Requested

Why Book an Air Concierge International Property? 

Air Concierge International (a division of Air Concierge Inc.) is an expert in short term and vacation rental properties in the Southern California region. We have unique properties designated for individual or small group use.  We have other listings that can be taken over for longer periods of time.  Our pricing is competitive, our regions are highly desirable, our property selection process is stringent and we are 100% committed to ensuring your stay from Day 1 to date of checkout goes smoothly. 

Other Requirements

  • If accepted, we will require you to provide extensive references and proof of funds for verification.
  • If accepted with one of our properties, you will be required to pay first month's rent, plus a security deposit in the exact amount, maintain a good credit card on file and take out a damage protection policy. 
  • If accepted, you will be required to sign a short term rental agreement.  

Next Steps

Please fill out our form below and we will follow up shortly. Or email us here to discuss further.  Once reviewed we will issue you a password and you may click on the link below to see our available inventory. 



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What is your expected arrival date (to US) *
What is your expected arrival date (to US)
what is your expected departure date (to US) *
what is your expected departure date (to US)
This may include such things as; walking distance to beach, ocean view, hot tub, at least 3 bedrooms, attached garage, pet friendly, etc.)


For Property Owners in Southern California (San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles):

As noted above, we work with a select and unique international clientele.  We handle exclusive vacation and short term rentals for folks ranging from 1 month to 6 months (in some cases up to 12 months).  


Why List With Air Concierge International?

For those off-season / shoulder season rental periods, matching an international traveler on short term stay may provide a successful bridge between peak rental seasons that otherwise go unbooked or booked on a limited basis when held open to just US based vacationers.

What We Do For You

Prior to matching our traveler with a property we undertake the following:

  • We perform an in-depth interview to confirm viability of candidate
  • We determine an appropriate budget based on a host of factors (deposits, accommodations, tax, insurance and other fees)
  • We provide extensive preparations to the traveler for understanding US vacation and short term rental policies and terms     

Other Requirements

We require the property be made available for a minimum of a 1 month period. 

We do have specific property qualification criteria that must be met.  If your home qualifies, please be prepared to provide us at least 12 photographs of your home, descriptions of each photograph and general home and specific amenity information. 

Next Steps

If you are interested in subscribing your property to our portfolio of available homes designated for vacation and short term rental / lease, please fill out the form below and we will call you shortly.  If selected, we require 3 business days before going live with your property on our site.



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