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Ryan danz, co-Founder

In 2012 I had set up my Incline Village (Lake Tahoe) cabin for vacation renters. I was living in San Diego at the time and trying to oversee the entire shabang myself; handling the inquiries through the various websites I was listed on, managing the booking, calendaring and check-in process, the deposits and insurance policies, communicating with the guests prior to arrival as well as during their stay (phone, text, email), remembering to send over check out instructions prior to guest departure, being available 24/7 to troubleshoot any issues and of course not only schedule the cleanings, but make sure cleaners arrived, on time and performed the quality of cleaning expected of a high cost home. 

All from over 500 miles away.  

Hiring a traditional property manager was not an option either. Old fashioned-phone book thick contracts, blackout dates when I couldn't use my own home and generally antiquated software and marketing meant my home was not going to be competitive and my guests would be left feeling dissatisfied and unlikely to return. 

So one morning over coffee with my then girlfriend (and now wife and co-founder), amidst complaints and frustration from another rental situation gone awry, Air Concierge was born.

From a single home in Lake Tahoe, to seven homes by end of our first year, we are now in six major California cities and in 200+ homes, ranging from $125 beach bungalows to $2000/night Dwell and Architectural Digest Magazine featured homes.  

I hope you enjoy our service as much as we enjoy providing it. 

Ryan, Claire, Samantha, Elton and the Air Concierge Team