Being available 24/7 means just that: Our Concierge's will work with your guests prior to arrival to ensure the preferred method of communication (phone, text, email, e.g.) has been decided.  At that point, our Concierge let's your guests know they can be contacted anytime for any reason.  Our Concierge's will then be responsive, act accordingly, whether that's troubleshooting the issue themselves, alerting the proper home maintenance vendor (handy man, cleaner, electrician, plumber, landscaper, e.g.) and then forwarding to you, the homeowner, a summary of the issue.  If you elect to have Air Concierge handle any and all issues, we will simply do the work, prepare an invoice and effectuate payment.  If you would prefer that you confirm work first, we will simply notify you of the issue and allow you to determine best course of action. 

In either case, your guests will be attended to, your property will be managed and you will get final authority of what happens next.